Middle Park Water Conservancy District

11th Feb 2016 PROJECTS

Water Court Opposition

Water resources consulting services for Middle Park Water Conservancy District include providing technical support in the District’s (and other various West-Slope water users) opposition to the City of Aurora’s Busk-Ivanhoe change case in which water is diverted from the headwaters of the Colorado River across the Continental Divide to the Arkansas River and South Platte River Basins. This work includes an evaluation of water rights, analysis of reservoir operations, analysis of Rocky Ford Highline Ditch diversions and historical irrigation, analysis of historical trans-mountain diversions, and an evaluation of effects of diversion to Colorado River mainstem water rights. Expert testimony in the case was provided in Colorado Division 2 Water Court in the areas of water resources, water rights administration, water rights and changes of use, historical use analyses, and hydrology.