About Us

BBA is highly regarded for our engineering and technical performance in fields of western water rights, ground water geology and surface water hydrology - and for our commitment to long-term relationships with clients. Through the expertise of our experienced hydrologists, geologists and engineers, who are specialists in their fields, BBA supports a broad range of markets with capabilities to solve the most complex water issues to protect the assets of our clients well into the future.

We have earned a reputation as an expert water consulting firm in the arid west and possess vast institutional knowledge of water rights. In the world of water rights engineering, the history of previous water rights deals, water court cases and water rights accounting requirements is often subtle, and not clearly described in records or documents. Our knowledge of past history guides future decisions and compliance with old settlements and agreements while meeting new objectives.

BBA Principals have remained steadfast in maintaining institutional knowledge of regional water projects - knowledge that clients depend on for the reliable history that is crucial to successfully dealing with current and future water issues. Our institutional knowledge provides continuity to clients, ensuring a stable resource of information is accessible, even through times of client staff changes. When this knowledge cannot be maintained by clients in-house, BBA is there to provide accurate information. This is an important aspect of our performance and one of our primary contributions to the lasting relationships we have built with our clients. They benefit from their investment in BBA, which ensures stability and consistency, even during times of unexpected change.


Our legacy began in March 1980, when Hal Bishop founded Bishop Associates, Inc., as a Colorado Corporation serving western water rights needs. Hal was joined by Principals Bob Brogden in August 1980 and Gene Rumph in December 1981 to bring ground water expertise to the firm. In 1982, the company was re-incorporated as Bishop-Brogden and Rumph, Inc. Gene Rumph retired in August 1983 and the company became Bishop-Brogden Associates, Inc., a Colorado Corporation, wholly owned by its Principals.

Hal Bishop, Bob Brogden and BBA’s staff of engineers and geologists shaped Colorado’s water history with notable projects such as the Clinton Reservoir agreement for Summit County water users and modern development of Denver Basin aquifer water resources.

Today, BBA is a team of leading multidisciplinary water experts, employing science and expert engineering to deliver projects, including investigations, studies, research, design, valuations and expert testimony.