01st Feb 2016 PROJECTS

Well Construction and Testing

For more than 30 years BBA has been engaged with Cordillera in Edwards, Colorado to develop water rights and water supply wells for its many developments throughout Colorado’s western slope. The first step to develop ground water supplies is to become familiar with the local geology and the potential aquifers that may exist under the property. In many instances, well data from the public record will provide general information on the depth to ground water and the potential yield of wells. Test drilling and analysis of the data are often required to understand the actual yield of the aquifers beneath a property.

On behalf of Cordillera, BBA designed and inspected construction on more than 35 wells to ensure adequate water supplies for several Cordillera developments. Testing the wells is important, as the response of the aquifer to short-term pumping and analysis of the data will determine the optimum, long-term yield of the wells.